Fantastic Four (2022 Marvel) (7th Series) #17 Comic Books published by Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four (2022 Marvel) (7th Series) #17

Marvel Comics

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When construction unearths something unexpected, Susan Storm is called in - not as a super hero but an archaeologist! But when the bones she uncovers - tens of thousand of years old, dating back to the first arrival of humans in the Americas - turn out to be female...and matching her build...and wearing the shredded and decayed remains of what appears to be BLUE FABRIC constructed of unstable molecules, she must accept the fantastic: Dr. Susan Storm is going to DIE deep in Earth's prehistory... ...and that time is coming sooner than she might think! Also in this issue: an anniversary date for Reed and Sue! So Sue gets both inarguable evidence of her own death AND some romance.    Rated T+ Marvel Comics
(W) Ryan North (A) Carlos E. Gomez (Ca) Alex Ross