Dark Metro Manga (Paperback) Ultimate Ed Manga published by Tokyopop

Dark Metro Manga (Paperback) Ultimate Ed


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What lies below Tokyo's subway system is more frightening -- and more deadly -- than you could have ever imagined... Deep beneath the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, lurking in the shadows of distracted office workers and tired students there exists a boundary between this world and the next. If you look just out of the corner of your eye you might see it: the land of the dead, a murky world of vengeful ghosts and ravenous spirits kept in line by a mysterious man known only as Seiya. In this collection of bone-chilling shorts, follow the twisted tales of death and the hauntings that inhabit this horrifying underworld, where innocent youth fall victim to the ghosts who lurk in Tokyo's underground. Tokyopop
(W) Tokyo Calen (A) Yoshiken