Overlord Light Novel (Hardcover) Vol 02 (Mature) Light Novels published by Yen On

Overlord Light Novel (Hardcover) Vol 02 (Mature)

Yen On

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It has been a week since Momonga logged in to his favorite RPG one last time and stranded himself there. Now he leads his guild as the Ainz Ooal Gown overlord. Finding himself in dire need of better information, he travels disguised as an adventurer to the walled city of E-Rantel, with Narberal the battle maid at his side. The pair accept a mission to retrieve medicinal herbs, making for a forest said to be the home of a great and wise beast. But the sinister influence of a fanatical cabal approaches E-Rantel, and the armor-clad Ainz will face both a ruthless warrior and a legion of the undead! Yen On
(W) Kugane Maruyama (A/Ca) So-Bin