Aquaman (2016 Dc) (6th Series) #61 Tyler Kirkham Var Ed (NM) Comic Books published by Dc Comics

Aquaman (2016 Dc) (6th Series) #61 Tyler Kirkham Var Ed (NM)

Dc Comics

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For whom the wedding bells toll, Arthur? They do not toll for thee! It's a race to the chapel, as Mera is awake and betrothed, but who is the groom, and why isn't he Arthur? There is a greater mystery at work, and Jackson makes a deep-sea discovery - but not before a depth-defying battle with Orm! Speaking of Ocean Master, he's bringing all of Dagon to the wedding ceremony, and the Seven Kingdoms will never be the same again! Dc Comics
(W) Kelly Sue Deconnick (A) Miguel Mendonca