Nature's Labyrinth (2022 Mad Cave) #1 (Of 6) (Mature) Comic Books published by Mad Cave Studios

Nature's Labyrinth (2022 Mad Cave) #1 (Of 6) (Mature)

Mad Cave Studios

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In the middle of the ocean lies a remote island complex lined with traps and an ever-changing landscape. Created by a mysterious man known only as "Ahab," the island was designed to test the wills of the world's most notorious criminals. In a battle royale style game, eight violent felons will fight for survival and to the death over the course of three days of relentless action. The winner receives a wealth or riches and complete anonymity, but at the cost of keeping their silence about the island's existence. What Ahab doesn't know is that someone is on to him. Someone has infiltrated his island with the intention of revealing the truth about this twisted game. Mad Cave Studios
(W) Zac Thompson (A) Bayleigh Underwood (Ca) Filya Bratukhin