Liu Cixin Gn Vol 01 Sea Of Dreams Graphic Novels published by Talos Press

Liu Cixin Gn Vol 01 Sea Of Dreams

Talos Press

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The first in a new series of graphic novels from Hugo Award-winning author Liu Cixin. An annual ice sculpture festival draws the attention of an extraterrestrial visitor, who learns how to create such art and decides to use local resources to sculpt a piece in a gesture of goodwill. All the water in the ocean is sent to the stratosphere, where the ice sculptor uses splendid techniques to create crystal dominoes scattered by a giant of the cosmos. In the world of the ice sculptor, art is the sole reason for civilization's existence. After the ice sculptor creates the pinnacle of beauty, but also brings forth devastation and disaster, humanity decides during Earth's last breaths to fight for their survival. Talos Press
(W) Liu Cixin (A) Rodolfo Santullo