A Witch's Guide To Burning (Hardcover) Graphic Novels published by Drawn & Quarterly

A Witch's Guide To Burning (Hardcover)

Drawn & Quarterly

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A witch's work is never done when she works for the people. With the success of her town relying on her magic, demands are high. But what happens when a witch can't keep up with the magical requests? She is burnt, of course-in a cruel ritual that extinguishes her magic and erases all her memories, making her just like everybody else. But when a burning ceremony is interrupted by rain in Chamomile Valley, a witch is left writhing at the stake. It's up to a witch doctor and her toad friend to save the singed witch and nurse her back to health. Can they help her before her magic is lost forever? Drawn & Quarterly
(W/A/Ca) Aminder Dhaliwal