PopularMMOs Presents Enter The Mine Gn  Graphic Novels published by Harper Alley

PopularMMOs Presents Enter The Mine Gn

Harper Alley

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Pat and Jen-stars of one of the world's most popular YouTube channels, PopularMMOs-return to a Minecraft-inspired world in their second full-color graphic novel. Pat and Jen thought their adventuring days were over. But ever since their return, mysterious new holes have started appearing-and more and more of their friends have started disappearing! Jen stumbles into one of the holes and finds herself stuck on the wrong side of reality with a key that doesn't work and no friends to help her get back home. When Pat rushes in to try to help, they both find themselves trapped in a dark, dank boomium mine. They'll have to free their friends and figure out who's behind it all! Harper Alley
(W) Pat + Jen (A) Dani Jones