In The Name Of Mermaid Princess (Manga) Vol 01 Manga published by Viz Media Llc

In The Name Of Mermaid Princess (Manga) Vol 01

Viz Media Llc

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Princess Mio is betrothed to Prince Chika. However, they've never met, and he doesn't know her secret-she's a mermaid! When her tutor, Yuri, takes her out of the castle to meet her subjects, Mio begins to accept her true self. But Yuri has a secret too... And when Mio tells her father, the king, she wants to live life openly as a mermaid, he punishes her. How can she stay true to herself? Plus, a bonus story about a royal subject with wings! Viz Media Llc
(W) Yoshino Fumikawa (A) Miya Tashiro