Persona 5 Mementos Mission (Paperback) Vol 02 Manga published by Udon Entertainment Inc

Persona 5 Mementos Mission (Paperback) Vol 02

Udon Entertainment Inc

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A mysterious group of phantom thieves skulks in the shadows of Tokyo, changing the hearts of corrupt adults. But behind their masks are... normal teenagers and a talking black cat?! PERSONA 5: MEMENTOS MISSION is an all-new mystery featuring the cast of PERSONA 5. IN THIS VOLUME: Phantom thieves Makoto and Haru infiltrate a maid café, while strange "space aliens" appear in Akihabara! With so much going on, the time Ren has for sleep keeps getting shorter and shorter... Will the phantom thieves be able to find their targets in Mementos, and change their hearts?! Udon Entertainment Inc
(W) Atlus (A/Ca) Rokuro Saito