So I Cant Play H Gn Vol 04 Manga published by Yen Press

So I Cant Play H Gn Vol 04

Yen Press

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In this lusty supernatural comedy, a typical high school boy with raging hormones gets the letch leeched out of him by a beautiful death goddess! To commemorate the opening of the pool, Momozono Academy is holding its very own swimsuit contest! Aiming to crush the competition, Ryosuke and Lisara distribute sexy photos to whet the appetites of the student body. But Iria Fukumune suddenly transfers in, her sights set on bringing the boys to their knees with her ample, all-natural(?) bosom, and-?! Is a sexy battle about to break out? Which bathing beauty will stand at the top of the class? Yen Press
(W) Pan Tachibana (A/Ca) Shou Okagiri