I Think Our Son Is Gay (Manga) Vol 03 Manga published by Square Enix Manga

I Think Our Son Is Gay (Manga) Vol 03

Square Enix Manga

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Mama Tomoko keeps her sons happy and healthy while her husband's away, and eldest son Hiroki, for his part, jokes and dissembles his way around the not-so-little "secret" of his sexuality while figuring things out for himself. But even though Hiroki's got his mom and kid brother in his corner for his personal journey, his dad is another story. There's no doubt that Akiyoshi Aoyama loves his son, but he's oblivious to the high schooler's struggles and hasn't grasped how hurtful his casually wielded assumptions and stereotypes can be. Will love be enough to see father and son through? Square Enix Manga
(W/A) Okura