I Hear The Sunspot Limit (Manga) Vol 03 Manga published by One Peace Books

I Hear The Sunspot Limit (Manga) Vol 03

One Peace Books

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Stunningly handsome Kohei Sugihara was outgoing and popular with the girls at school. But when a sudden illness left him with partial hearing loss, he grew quiet and reluctant to engage with others. At college, a chance encounter with an ever-optimistic classmate named Taichi Sagawa helped Kohei open up once more. And over time, the two began to develop feelings for each other. As the story continues, the pair tries to balance their budding relationship alongside Taichi's inspiring new career and Kohei's continued studies. But things don't always go as planned. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, Kohei announces that maybe they should spend some time apart. One Peace Books
(W/A/Ca) Yuki Fumino