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Greatest Thing Gn

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Lady Bird meets This One Summer in this young adult graphic novel about the life-saving power of teen friendships. It's the first day of sophomore year, and since Winifred's two best (and only) friends have transferred to a private school, she must navigate high school on her own. But she isn't alone for long. In art class, she meets two offbeat students, Oscar and April. They don't look or act like the typical teenagers in her small New England town: they're creative, a little rebellious, and seem comfortable in their own skin in a way that Win can only dream of. The three bond through clandestine sleepovers, thrift store shopping, and zine publishing. Winifred is finally breaking out of her shell, but there's one secret she can't bear to admit to April and Oscar, or even to herself-and this lie is threatening to destroy her newfound friendships. :01 First Second
(W/A/Ca) Sarah Winifred Searle