Batman Animated Catwoman Q-Fig Elite Diorama Figure Collectibles, Figures & Toys published by Quantum Mechanix Inc

Batman Animated Catwoman Q-Fig Elite Diorama Figure

Quantum Mechanix Inc

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Inspired by her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, the Catwoman Q-Fig Elite features Selina Kyle accompanied by her true loves - a pack of friendly felines and one massive gemstone! QMX has sculpted Catwoman to purr-fectly capture her mischievous malfeasance, as well as render a high degree of detail into her costume, the kitties, and the gargoyle she's standing upon. The Catwoman Q-Fig Elite brings Catwoman's story to life on your shelves like never before with QMx's proprietary Everstone polymer, allowing for minute details and intricate sculpting not possible with traditional materials. The Catwoman Q-Fig Elite stands approximately 5" tall including the display base. Quantum Mechanix Inc