A Centaur's Life (Manga) Vol 11 (Mature) Manga published by Seven Seas Entertainment Llc

A Centaur's Life (Manga) Vol 11 (Mature)

Seven Seas Entertainment Llc

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Himeno is a sweet, shy girl, who, like many teens her age, struggles with the trials and tribulations of attending high school. The difference is she's a centaur, but she's not alone. In fact, all of her classmates are supernatural creatures, sporting either horns, wings, tails, halos, or some other unearthly body appendage. Yet despite their fantastical natures, Himeno and her best friends-the dragon-winged Nozomi, and Kyoko with her spiraled horns-are down-to earth, fun-loving teenagers who grapple with issues of life and love in a mostly normal daily school setting.

Seven Seas Entertainment Llc
(W) Kei Murayama (A/Ca) Kei Murayama