Science Comics Crows Genius Birds (Paperback) Graphic Novels published by :01 First Second

Science Comics Crows Genius Birds (Paperback)

:01 First Second

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Take to the skies with Science Comics: Crows, the latest volume in First Second's action-packed nonfiction graphic novel series for middle-grade readers! Every volume of Science Comics offers a complete introduction to a particular topic-dinosaurs, coral reefs, the solar system, volcanoes, bats, flying machines, and more. These gorgeously illustrated graphic novels offer wildly entertaining views of their subjects. Whether you're a fourth grader doing a natural science unit at school or a thirty year old with a secret passion for airplanes, these books are for you! In Science Comics: Crows you'll learn all about the avian Einsteins that are as smart as some primates and can perform some of the same cognitive feats as human children! Did you know that crows make their own tools, lead complex social lives, and never forget a human face? That's something to crow about!

:01 First Second
(W) Kyla Vanderklugt (A) Kyla Vanderklugt