Doctor Strange Epic Collection Afterlife (Paperback) Graphic Novels published by Marvel Comics

Doctor Strange Epic Collection Afterlife (Paperback)

Marvel Comics

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A new look for Strange - but will it be his last? The Sorcerer Supreme has a youthful appearance, yet he's still taking care of business including Nightmare's hunt for an heir! But long hair and dark glasses don't suit a man as urbane as Stephen Strange. It's time for a dapper new wardrobe and a new source of power: catastrophe magic! Which is fitting, given what archfoe Baron Mordo has in store. Mordo has had a profound impact on Strange's life - and now the villain is plotting his death! Plus: In an award-winning classic, discover what disturbs Stephen! And a particularly Strange Tale unites the Sorcerer Supreme with the Thing and Human Torch! Collecting STRANGE TALES (1994) #1; DOCTOR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #76-90 and ASHCAN EDITION; and DOCTOR STRANGE: WHAT IS IT THAT DISTURBS YOU, STEPHEN? Rated T+

Marvel Comics
(W) Kurt Busiek, David Quinn, Evan Skolnick, Warren Ellis, Todd Dezago, J.m Dematteis, Marc Andreyko (A) Ricardo Villagran, Peter Gross, Richard Pace, Marie Severin, Mark Buckingham, Patrick Zircher, Pasqual Ferry, P. Craig Russell (A/Ca) Gary Frank