Hilo Gn Vol 02 Saving The Whole Wide World Graphic Novels published by Random House

Hilo Gn Vol 02 Saving The Whole Wide World

Random House

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Hilo's back in this funny, action-packed, full-color new middle-grade graphic novel series that Bone creator Jeff Smith calls "delightful" and Lincoln Peirce says "every kid will love!" DJ and Gina are totally ordinary kids. But Hilo... isn't. Hilo is just settling into life on earth (Bowling? Knock-knock jokes? Outstanding!) when strange portals begin opening up all over town. And Holy Mackerel! Even stranger creatures are coming through them! But it will take more than a giant mutant chicken, a Viking hippo, a magical warrior cat, or even a few million killer vegetables to stop Team Hilo...er, won't it? Can Hilo, DJ, and Gina figure out how to send these creatures back to their worlds before they destroy the earth? Random House
(W/A/Ca) Judd Winick