Hotel Dare Original Gn Graphic Novels published by Boom! Studios

Hotel Dare Original Gn

Boom! Studios

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OPEN THE DOOR. ADVENTURE AWAITS. Olive and her adopted siblings, Charlotte and Darwin, are spending the summer with their estranged grandma at her creepy hotel, and it 's all work and no play. They're stuck inside doing boring chores until they stumble upon an incredible secret... behind each door of the hotel lies a portal to a strange and mysterious place. The simple turn of a knob transports them to a distant magical world filled with space pirates. Behind the next door are bearded wizards. Down the hall is a doorway to a cotton-candied kingdom. But once the doors are open, worlds start colliding, and only one family can save them before the hotel tears itself apart. Written by Terry Blas ( The Amazing World of Gumball) and illustrated by the talented Claudia Aguirre ( Kim & Kim ), this world-hopping fantasy tale breaks down the door to imagination and dares you to embrace the idea that family is everything.

Boom! Studios
(W) Terry Blas (A/Ca) Claudia Aguirre