Hilo Gn Vol 03 Great Big Boom Graphic Novels published by Random House

Hilo Gn Vol 03 Great Big Boom

Random House

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DJ and Gina are totally ordinary kids. But Hilo isn't! When we last saw our intrepid trio, Gina had been sucked into a myserious portal to who knows where?! But friends don't let friends disappear into nowhere! It's up to D.J. and Hilo to follow her! Will there be danger? Yes! Will there be amazing surprises? Of course! Will Gina end up being the one to save them? Definitely! With the help of Polly, the magical warrior cat, the friends will have to battle bad guys and face disgusting food, an angry mom, terrible knock-knock jokes, powerful magic, and more! Will they survive - and make it back to earth before the portal closes again? Random House
(W) Judd Winick (A/Ca) Judd Winick