Ben 10 Original Gn Manchester Mystery Graphic Novels published by Boom! Studios

Ben 10 Original Gn Manchester Mystery

Boom! Studios

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? Ben wants to be selected for his favorite supernatural reality show--and he's going to do it by solving the mystery of a famous haunted house! ? Luckily, Ben Tennyson isn't your average 10-year-old...he's also the wielder of the Omnitrix, an alien device that allows Ben to shift into 10 different alien forms from around the galaxy. Together with his cousin Gwen and his Grandpa Max, they're going to dig into the truth behind the spirits haunting this house - and discover a few shocking surprises along the way! ? Join Rainbow Award-winning writer CB Lee (?Not Your Sidekick ? ) and artist Francesca Perrone for the newest installment of original graphic novels based on Cartoon Network's hit ?Ben 10 ? ? ? series.

Boom! Studios
(W) C.b. Lee (A) Francesca Perrone (Ca) Mattia Di Meo