Steven Universe Ongoing (Paperback) Vol 05 Find A Way Graphic Novels published by Boom! Studios

Steven Universe Ongoing (Paperback) Vol 05 Find A Way

Boom! Studios

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Head on down to Beach City and see what fs shakin f with Steven Universe and the gang! You can check out what happens when Steven introduces Peridot to her first video game and her competitive side completely takes over (seriously, it 's scary), or you can take a trip down memory lane as the Crystal Gems tell the story of building their Beach City home... and how it almost came crashing down. Everywhere you turn, there 's summer fun for everyone! Writer Grace Kraft (Ornithia) and artist Rii Abrego (Rick & Morty) deliver non-stop fun and adventure, expanding the world of Cartoon Network 's hit show Steven Universe. Collects issues Steven Universe. #17-20.

Boom! Studios
(W) Grace Kraft (A) Rii Abrego (Ca) Missy Pena