Batman Arkham Clayface (Paperback) Graphic Novels published by Dc Comics

Batman Arkham Clayface (Paperback)

Dc Comics

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Clayface, one of the most recognized villains in Gotham City, is the star in this new best-of collection featuring stories from Detective Comics #40, 298 and 478, Outsiders #21, Secret Origins #44, Batman #550, Catwoman #4, Batman: Gotham Knights #23 and 69-71 and Batman Villains Secret Files #1.

Dc Comics
(W) Bill Finger, Len Wein, Mike W. Barr, Doug Moench, Steve Purcell, Dan Raspler, Ed Brubaker, A. J. Lieberman, John Layman (A) Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, Sheldon Moldoff, Marshall Rogers, Dick Giordano, Keith Giffen, Cliff Richards, Al Barrionuevo, Charles Paris, Jim Aparo, Bernie Mireault, Tom Grummett, Al Gordon, Denis Rodier, Gary Martin, J. H. Williams, John Beatty, Mick Gray, Darwyn Cooke, Michael Allred, Mike Mignola, Kevin Nowlan, Bit (Ca) Guillem March