Blue Exorcist (Manga) Vol 07 Manga published by Viz Media Llc

Blue Exorcist (Manga) Vol 07

Viz Media Llc

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(W/A/CA) Kazue Kato
Mamushi and Todo now have both eyes of the Impure King and are headed for the temple that was once the center of the Myodha sect. Mamushi wants to seal the eyes away, but may be too late to realize Todo's true purpose - the awakening of the Impure King! Meanwhile, Rin learns more about Father Fujimoto's connection to Tatsuma and the origin of the Kuma Sword. Rin will need the weapon and all of his strength to face the terrible power of the Impure King!

Viz Media Llc
(W/A/Ca) Kazue Kato