Firefly (2018 Boom) #16 Cvr B Kambadais Var (NM) Comic Books published by Boom! Studios

Firefly (2018 Boom) #16 Cvr B Kambadais Var (NM)

Boom! Studios

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Mal and Boss Moon's hunt for the mysterious serial killer continues, but first they have to take a quick detour to capture the most wanted thieves in the sector- members of his former crew; the Chang-Benitez Gang! But will Mal be able to bring in Chang, Kaylee and Jayne? It's Sheriff Mal versus the 'Verse's Bonnie and Clyde and, er, Jayne!

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Boom! Studios (W) Greg Pak (A) Davide Gianfelice (Ca) George Kambadais