Otherworldly Izakaya Nobu (Paperback) Vol 07 Manga published by Udon Entertainment Inc

Otherworldly Izakaya Nobu (Paperback) Vol 07

Udon Entertainment Inc

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Winter has come to the old capital of Eiteriach. Customers have been few and far between ever since baseless rumors started spreading about Nobu being a den of witches, and now, rumormonger Damien and Archbishop Rodrigo have come to finish off our favorite establishment! Damien thinks he'll finally have his revenge on Nobu, but Ingrid is prepared to face him in a war of words!! Get ready for clam sakamushi, atsukan, nikujaga stew... because even when the going gets tough, Nobu never skimps on exemplary food and service!

Udon Entertainment Inc
(W) Natsuya Semikawa (A/Ca) Virginia Nitouhei