Darkness Accursed (Paperback) Vol 05 Graphic Novels published by Image Comics

Darkness Accursed (Paperback) Vol 05

Image Comics

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ackie Estacado, the current bearer of The Darkness, was blackmailed and lied to by a devil calling himself The Sovereign. Now free from The Sovereign's grip, Jackie has assembled a motley crew of criminals with one goal - destroy every last one of The Sovereign's reliquaries! His quest will pit him against a former Russian mob boss turned art collector, a mute mystic, countless of The Sovereign's statues, and even traitors within his midst! Concluding the second year of writer PHIL HESTER'S (Firebreather, Wonder Woman) epic run and featuring art by SHELDON MITCHELL (Pilot Season: Stealth) and ROMANO MOLENAAR (The Darkness II: Confession), and a special stand-alone "Tale of The Darkness" issue set in the Wild West by JOSHUA HALE FIALKOV (Tumor, Echoes) and MATT TIMSON (Impaler, Popgun).

Collects THE DARKNESS #85-89.

Image Comics
(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov, Phil Hester (A) Sheldon Mitchell & Various (Ca) Michael Broussard, Steve Firchow