Darkness Rebirth (Paperback) Vol 02 (Mature) Graphic Novels published by Image Comics

Darkness Rebirth (Paperback) Vol 02 (Mature)

Image Comics

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Jackie Estacado never feared much of anything, except the Darkness itself.  Then the rules changed.  Rival Bulgarian gangs are starting to encroach upon his turf.  Jackie's wife, Jenny, is losing her mind.  Jackie is no longer the host to the Darkness and with everything cracking at the seams he has neglected to notice that his daughter, Hope, has something terribly, terribly wrong with her. Jackie thought he was invincible, but he will soon learn that there are things in this world that even the Darkness should fear.  

Collects THE DARKNESS #106-110

Image Comics
(W) David Hine (A/Ca) Jeremy Haun