Cuisine Chinoise Tales Of Food & Life (Hardcover) Manga published by Dark Horse Comics

Cuisine Chinoise Tales Of Food & Life (Hardcover)

Dark Horse Comics

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From the mind of prodigy cartoonist Zao Dao comes Cuisine Chinoise: Tales of Food and Life featured here in English for the first time! From insects looking for a meal made of ghosts to a man named Yuzi whose passion for cooking is the only hope of maintaining a family legacy, these wonderfully illustrated stories explore the rich and humorous lives of the characters within. This volume showcases the wonderful relationship between Chinese folklore and culture and food! o The first work of esteemed cartoonist Zao Dao translated into English. o Beautifully Illustrated book of Chinese culture through cuisine. o Translated by Diana Schutz and Brandon Kander.

Dark Horse Comics
(W) Zao Dao (A/Ca) Zao Dao