Hi Score Girl (Manga) Vol 02 Manga published by Square Enix Manga

Hi Score Girl (Manga) Vol 02

Square Enix Manga

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The year is 1994, and 3-D is about to change the world of fighting games. And in an arcade on the outskirts of town, where the competitive spirits of men collide, a certain girl once again descends... Akira Oono is a fierce gamer, but will her latest challenger throw her for a loop?! It looks like she has a new rival... for Haruo's attention?! When a snowstorm makes it impossible for his classmate Koharu to get home, Haruo invites her for a round of Street Fighter instead! Does this mark the beginning of a love triangle?

Square Enix Manga
(W) Rensuke Oshikiri (A) Rensuke Oshikiri