Occult Crimes Taskforce (Paperback) Vol 01 (Mature) Graphic Novels published by Image Comics

Occult Crimes Taskforce (Paperback) Vol 01 (Mature)

Image Comics

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After narrowly surviving an encounter with a supernatural serial killer, N.Y.P.D. officer Sophia Ortiz (modeled after ROSARIO DAWSON, star of Sin City and Clerks 2) is drafted into Manhattan's clandestine police unit: the Occult Crimes Taskforce.  

Versed in the black arts and armed with mystical weaponry, the O.C.T. keeps the streets of New York safe from the unholy creatures of the night.  Can Sophia solve this case, or will she be the Soul-Ripper's next victim?

Image Comics
(W) David Atchison, Rosario Dawson (A/Ca) Tony Shasteen