Roadqueen Eternal Roadtrip To Love Gn Vol 01 (Mature) Manga published by Seven Seas Entertainment Llc

Roadqueen Eternal Roadtrip To Love Gn Vol 01 (Mature)

Seven Seas Entertainment Llc

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The original Girls' Love/yuri graphic novel that exploded on Kickstarter! Leo's the hottest senior at Princess Andromeda Academy, and her adoring fangirls have one goal: to beat her in a road race so she'll go out with them. Unfortunately, the only thing Leo loves more than breaking hearts is her faithful old bike, Bethany. But the arrival of mysterious new student Vega upends her daily routine forever. This sharp and hilarious lesbian romcom is a bold new book for both yuri manga fans and readers hungry for English-original LGBT+ fun.

Seven Seas Entertainment Llc
(W) Mira Ong Chua (A/Ca) Mira Ong Chua