A&A Adv Of Archer & Armstrong (Paperback) Vol 01 In The Bag Graphic Novels published by Valiant Entertainment Llc

A&A Adv Of Archer & Armstrong (Paperback) Vol 01 In The Bag

Valiant Entertainment Llc

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GET SMASHED...OR BE SMASHED! Archer is about to set off on his most dangerous mission yet - a quest into the mystic reaches of Armstrong's bottomless satchel to liberate his friend and comrade from the clutches of the mad god Bacchus! Imprisoned in Armstrong's satchel for centuries, Bacchus now commands a legion of monsters, goblins and golems bent on escaping back into the world of man and enacting revenge on their captor... Can Archer single-handedly combat the godly embodiment of intoxication himself - and rescue his best buddy - without becoming lost amongst Armstrong's endless repository of bizarre artifacts and historical oddities in the process? Collecting A&A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #1-4.

Valiant Entertainment Llc
(W) Rafer Roberts (A/Ca) David Lafuente