Otome Mania Gn Vol 01 Manga published by Seven Seas Entertainment Llc

Otome Mania Gn Vol 01

Seven Seas Entertainment Llc

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Life's tough for a gamer girl! Otome Mania!! is an all-new shoujo manga series that captures the humor and frustration of Yuzumi Otome, a young lady who seeks to develop a successful game and leave her mark on the gaming world. Yuzumi Otome is a master gamer and game creator, and has finally landed her dream job in an otome game company. Now, she will do whatever it takes to conquer the industry. But is success worth it? Will it truly bring Yuzumi happiness? Or will she spend her days wallowing in anger and anxiety? What must Yuzumi do to release a successful game? Seven Seas Entertainment Llc (W) Yurino Tsukigase (A/Ca) Yurino Tsukigase