Sky Is Blue With A Single Cloud Gn (Mature) Manga published by Drawn & Quarterly

Sky Is Blue With A Single Cloud Gn (Mature)

Drawn & Quarterly

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The Sky is Blue with a Single Cloud collects the best short stories from Kuniko Tsurita's remarkable career. While the works of her male peers in literary manga are widely reprinted, this formally ambitious and poetic female voice is like none other currently available to an English readership. A master of the comics form, expert pacing and compositions combined with bold characters are signature qualities of Tsurita's work. An exciting and essential gekiga collection, The Sky Is Blue with a Single Cloud is translated by comics scholar Ryan Holmberg and includes an afterword cowritten by Holmberg and the manga editor Mitsuhiro Asakawa delineating Tsurita's importance and historical relevance.

Drawn & Quarterly
(W) Kuniko Tsurita (A/Ca) Kuniko Tsurita