Spider-Verse (2019 Marvel) (3rd Series) #4 (Of 6) (NM) Comic Books published by Marvel Comics

Spider-Verse (2019 Marvel) (3rd Series) #4 (Of 6) (NM)

Marvel Comics

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• It's high-noon, the town is in trouble, Sherrif Stacy is down for the count and the Sinister Sextet is threatening the peace. Who could possibly stop them? •  Why, Webslinger, of course. •  Join Taran Killam (star of ABC's Single Parents, formerly of Saturday Night Live) for his Marvel Comics debut alongside Juan Gedeon (VENOM) bringing you a horse that can run up the side of buildings. Rated T Marvel Comics
(W) Taran Killam (A) Juan Gedeon (Ca) Dave Rapoza