Maestro (2020 Marvel) #2 (Of 5) Perez Var (NM) Comic Books published by Marvel Comics

Maestro (2020 Marvel) #2 (Of 5) Perez Var (NM)

Marvel Comics

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PART TWO: THINGS GET UGLY! The world as we know it is long gone - but the Hulk we know and love will never die. Humans killed the Earth...and now the Hulk must choose whether to save it or doom it forever. Peter David's legendary saga continues with an action-packed tale of irradiated destruction! Plus: Just how did Rick Jones gather all the weapons and collectibles of his super-heroic generation? Hulk veteran artist Dale Keown reveals secrets decades in the making! Rated T+ Marvel Comics
(W) Peter David (A) German Peralta, Dale Keown (Ca) George Perez