Manga Yokai Stories Gn Manga published by Tuttle Publishing

Manga Yokai Stories (Manga)

Tuttle Publishing

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This thrilling collection of seven Japanese ghost stories will captivate lovers of yokai stories! These classic Japanese ghost stories are based on those written by famed author Lafcadio Hearn between 1890 and 1904. Here, they are retold by award-winning comic book writer Sean Michael Wilson. Wilson's skillful adaptation of Hearn's ghostly tales, along with superb manga illustrations from UK-based Japanese artist Inko Ai Takita, make these fascinating stories come to life. This book is in traditional Japanese reading order, from back to front, so that fans and manga lovers can enjoy an authentic reading experience. Tuttle Publishing
(W) Sean Michael Wilson, Lafcadio Hearn (A) Inko Ai Takita