Gantz (Paperback) Vol 02 (Mature) Manga published by Dark Horse Comics

Gantz (Paperback) Vol 02 (Mature)

Dark Horse Comics

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"Your lives are over. What you do with your new lives is up to me!" This was the warning given to a diverse group of citizens that were teleported to an inescapable condo by an ominous black orb calling itself Gantz. Join best friends Kei and Masaru, the sultry Kishimoto, a stray dog, and the rest of the group as they are unleashed on the streets of Tokyo to face a terrifying onion alien! Will the weapons and strange suits given to them by Gantz prove to be a lifesaver or a death sentence? Now the group has to fight for their lives, even though they are all already dead. Dark Horse Comics
(W/A/Ca) Hiroya Oku