Amazing Spider-Man (1963 Marvel) (1st Series) #393 (Newsstand Edition) (VF) Comic Books published by Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man (1963 Marvel) (1st Series) #393 (Newsstand Edition) (VF)

Marvel Comics

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"Mother Love...Mother Hate!" Shrieking Part 4 of 4. The Amazing Spider-Man goes shrieking for the last time! Inside Beatrice MacBride's home, the wondrous wall-crawler wages a life-and-death struggle against Shriek and Carrion! Can the spectacular one save Ms. MacBride much less himself from Shriek's violent rage and Carrion's deadly touch? A savage showdown indeed! Cameo appearances by Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson, and Ben Reilly. Marvel Comics
(W) J. M. Demattei (A/Ca) Mark Bagley, Randy Emberlin