Frankie Comics (Hardcover) Graphic Novels published by Oni Press

Frankie Comics (Hardcover)

Oni Press

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When they discover a kitten asleep in their doorway, real life artist couple Rachel and Mike immediately fall prey to her charms. Soon, the new queen of their home is a blue point Siamese cat named Frankie. Stealing snacks, making mischief, and taking snuggling very seriously, Frankie proves again and again the wholesome joys of a feline companion. Hilarious indie comics darling Frankie Comics is collected for the first time in this full-color hardcover edition - purrfect for pet lovers everywhere. Fans of Johnny Wander, Pusheen, and Chi's Sweet Home will love this collection of the hit webcomic Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes. Oni Press
(W) Rachel Dukes (A) Rachel Dukes