Iron Man (1968 Marvel) (1st Series) #217 (Newsstand Edition) (FN/VF) Comic Books published by Marvel Comics

Iron Man (1968 Marvel) (1st Series) #217 (Newsstand Edition) (FN/VF)

Marvel Comics

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• First appearance of Marcy Pearson.

Stark Enterprises is up and running in Southern California! And that means new employees, new buildings, and new equipment... including a new helicopter for Rhodey! But when Jim hops in the special order chopper (aka the Adap-Tor), the controls seize up! And the helicopter begins carving a path of destruction across Stark Enterprises! Luckily, Shell-Head is in the vicinity! And ready to stop the Adap-Tor at all costs!

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Marvel Comics
(W) David Michelinie, Bob Layton (A/Ca) M. D. Bright