Power Rangers (2020 Boom Studios) #2 Cvr A Scalera (NM) Comic Books published by Boom! Studios

Power Rangers (2020 Boom Studios) #2 Cvr A Scalera (NM)

Boom! Studios

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* Two New Series. Two New Teams. The UNLIMITED POWER ERA continues as the Power Rangers betray Zordon! * A new cosmic threat is here and the all-new Power Rangers team will put it all on the line to stop it, even if it means trusting their mortal enemy Lord Drakkon. * But as the new threat launches its first offensive against the Power Rangers, the question remains - will Drakkon act as friend or foe? * After all, Drakkon always has a plan... Boom! Studios
(W) Ryan Parrott (A) Francesco Mortarino (Ca) Matteo Scalera