Knock 'Em Dead (2020 Aftershock) #2 Andy Clarke Cvr Comic Books published by Aftershock Comics

Knock 'Em Dead (2020 Aftershock) #2 Andy Clarke Cvr

Aftershock Comics

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Pryor Brice died...but only for a couple of seconds. The thing is, he didn't come back alone. The spirit of Danny Baron, Pryor's (more successful) comedian friend, was brought back with him. Trapped inside Pryor's body, the ghost of Danny offers Pryor a supernatural deal: He'll write Pryor's material so Danny can still be successful, even after death.   Their bargain comes with supernatural strings attached and, soon, Pryor will discover that comedy is no laughing matter. Aftershock Comics
(W) Eliot Rahal (A) Mattia Monaco (Ca) Andy Clarke