Pokemon Black & White Gn Vol 09 Manga published by Viz Media Llc

Pokemon Black & White Gn Vol 09

Viz Media Llc

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Black finds crossing a drawbridge diffi cult...when it refuses to draw down and everyone - or someone? - keeps sabotaging him. Then Black is happily reunited with an old friend...under unhappy circumstances. Meanwhile, White tests out a Pokémon battleground prototype: the Battle Subway! But who is this strange woman on board reading aloud from a Pokémon pageturner? Will White ever learn how to fight a proper Pokémon battle...? Plus, meet Zorua, Thundurus, Tornadus, Tranquill, Vanillite, and Beartic! Viz Media Llc
(W) Hidenori Kusaka (A/Ca) Satoshi Yamamoto