Rising Of The Shield Hero Vol 16 (Light Novel) (Paperback) Light Novels published by One Peace Books

Rising Of The Shield Hero Vol 16 (Light Novel) (Paperback)

One Peace Books

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Naofumi finds himself faced with Takt, the Whip Hero. It was this same Takt, along with his disdainful attitude, that ultimately caused the death of Atla in the battle against the Phoenix. Fueled by rage, Naofumi tries to fight Takt, but Takt steals the shield that Naofumi thought was permanently attached to his arm. With his defenses weakened, Naofumi suffers a critical injury and finds himself in a mysterious, unfamiliar world. There, he finds a reassuring ally waiting for him. But once again, Naofumi is forced to make an impossibly difficult decision. One Peace Books
(W) Aneko Yusagi (A/Ca) Aneko Yusagi