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Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein (Softcover)


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Few works by comic book artists have earned the universal acclaim and reverence that Bernie Wrightson's illustrated version of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein was met with upon its original release in 1983, which vividly presented the timeless, terrifying tale of one man's obsession to create life - and the monster that became his legacy. AThis book includes the complete text of the original groundbreaking novel and approximately fifty original full-page illustrations by Bernie Wrightson that continue to stun the world with their monumental beauty and uniqueness. This edition also contains introductions by Stephen King and author Mary Shelley, as well as supplemental material including a history of the novel, a chronology of Mary Shelley's life and work, and the historical context of Frankenstein for readers. Gallery
(W) Mary Shelley (A/Ca) Bernie Wrightson