Spider-Man Curse of the Man-Thing (2021 Marvel) #1 Comic Books published by Marvel Comics

Spider-Man Curse of the Man-Thing (2021 Marvel) #1

Marvel Comics

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DISCOVER THE HORROR MAN-THING HIDES WITHIN, IF YOU DARE! MAN-THING's supernatural abilities have been pirated thanks to HARROWER, a zealot intent on clearing humanity off the board so a new species can get a shot at the top. The world burns and fear is the accelerant! Meanwhile, SPIDER-MAN races across New York desperate to avert disaster and find the one man that just might be able to get through to Man-Thing...his former colleague CURT CONNORS, A.K.A. THE LIZARD! But deep within the Man-Thing's psyche, it's Spider-Man that discovers something he never expected: a devilish secret, and a doctor seeking redemption. Part 2 of 3! ONE-SHOT/Rated T+ Marvel Comics
(W) Steve Orlando (A) Marco Fialla (Ca) Daniel Acuna