Kent Menace Director's Cut (2021 American Mythology) #0 Comic Books published by American Mythology Productions

Kent Menace Director's Cut (2021 American Mythology) #0

American Mythology Productions

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Ahoy Mates! Here's your chance to discover Scott Braden and Mike Malbrough's KENT MENACE:, the all-new weird hero whose comic book debut Diamond Comic Distributors President & CEO Steve Geppi says "crackles with energy and overflows with possibility." Valiant Entertainment Senior Editor Lysa Hawkins describes the Mysterious Mariner thusly: "A little dash of pulp, a sprinkle of camp, KENT MENACE is what happens if Doc Savage, Namor, and The Tick [were] fused into one!" Book passage now for the introductory issue of the Supernatural Sailor's epic saga with KENT MENACE #0: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT, featuring two stories chronicling the very beginning of KENT MENACE's mighty journey from comic book character to three-dimensional weird hero! This special issue includes comic stories by co-creators Scott Braden and Mike Malbrough, an introduction by TRIPWIRE MAGAZINE founder Joel Meadows, a prose story by Meggan Groves Robinson, and dynamic illustrations by the incredibly talented Eraklis Petmezas; acclaimed artists Jeff Dillon, Marty Grosser, and Mike Shipley; supreme embellisher Juan Castro; Hollywood concept artist Mark Wheatley; celebrated cartoonist Steve Conley; the original Nick Pentz; and painter-extraordinaire Dillon Samuelson - along with some additional surprises to boot! So, climb aboard for an adventure you've been waiting to discover your entire life! American Mythology Productions
(W) Scott Braden, Mike Malbrough, Meggan Groves Robinson (A) Eraklis Petmezas, Jeff Dillon, Marty Grosser, Mike Shipley (A/Ca) Mike Malbrough